Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Random #6

I miss New York.. The kinda feeling you had when you're in a certain city. And I dearly miss NYC.

Wearing headscarf with those tight cap sleeve t-shirt is hideous okay. I mean, those t-shirts with these veeery short sleeve. You might as well wear a tank top with a headscarf. Honey, it's not pretty and it doesn't even cover your aurat.

No, I'm not a good girl myself. But I am trying to be one. Tak kutuk. Just a sore in the eye.

And yes, I update myself with the Gaza news. And no, I don't share my views regarding the issue here.

Hypothesis accepted. I write more when I have exams. And I tend to sleep more too.


SayaSangatComelDgnFrenchBraid.haha said...

mana random # 7?

sarah.azman said...

Sayasgtcomeldgnfrenchbraid: xsampai lagi sbb xterfikir lg random thoughts yg pelik2 skrg.. btw, kalau nk french braid lg, kte boleh buatkn lg.. dah semakin expert.. hahaha..

Saya Sungguh Comel said...

kita nak belajar jugakk!
asyik org buat, bila nak pandai neh!

sarah.azman said...

saya sungguh comel: sila google and blaja ikut youtube ye.. :P

dilaMAYA said...

masuk bnyk kali page awak today.. fall in love dgn lagu mou sukoshi ni... heeee sukeee :)

sarah.azman said...

heheh.. lagu ni comel kn? :P