Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Frost bites it all right..

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth - Robert Frost

And they say there's no turning back. Maybe you can't. But you can still look for the other road. Imagine, two roads. Road #1 and road #2. Both lead to different places.

Alhamdulillah if you choose the right path. For some, there will be times when you realize you took the wrong one. You can't turn back. But you need to get to the other road. Just tread over those bushes to the other road. Yes, it's hurt. You'll bleed. You'll get scratched. But soon, you'll find the path that you're looking for. You won't be in the bushes forever. So does your it's-the-worst-part-of-my-life chapter.

And here I am motivating others when I have a 200 pages book to read by Thursday. Don't you feel motivated? Hehhhh.. *cakaplah 'yes' please*


comelest said...

i feel motivated!

sarah.azman said...

ahaha.. tenkiu~
n now kte confuse sape comelest ni.. banyak sgt possibilities sape.. haha

dilaMAYA said...

two roads. and you have to choose only one. when it comes to decisions, this is where we can strength our faith/belief that our Creator knows and we don't know. In every decision we make, He will always give us what is good for us. no matter if we have to face all those bushes and get scratches. husnuzhon. So yah, what we can do is, make effort to our best ability and pray for the result that we want. Whether it comes or not, He knows best. He will guide us to which is the best for us. because all the results (after dah berusaha sungguh2) are in His hand and we have to accept His decisions as this is the sign of His concern and His love. ain't that sweet? =)

yes dear, you know u have inspired and keep me motivated me in many ways. :)
so, boleh makan ice cream tak harini? hehehee

saya rasa saya lagi comel dari pengkomen no satu (dan dua)..haha..perasan gila kan?!hehe said...

yes..nak ckp yes lah nie..hehe

nah..dgr nie..


jadilah diri sendiri!
tbe2 rasa motivated!hehe

sarah.azman said...

now i really AM confused.. korg ni mmg nk kene sekeh sorg2 nih.. haha.. to dila: haha.. boleh je nk makan aiskrim.. on thursday? :P

yg comel tapi humble, malas nak ngaku comel dah (aka Farra comel) said...


syg awk lah sarahhh..hahah :P

sarah.azman said...

okay.. so I've made the conclusion that:
prasan numero uno = tiqah
prasan numero dos = awin
prasan numero tres = farah.. thanks for admitting it.. :)

prasan numero uno and numero dos might be the other way round jugak.. n kte sgtlah confuse sape.. haha..

sayang awak jugak lah farah.. :)

comelest-yela2 ltk nama. haha atiqahcomel said...

betul dahla tu awk teka. haha. minus the perasan part, though ;p

awin said...


sarah.azman said...

ahaha.. mmg comel lah korg ni.. :p