Friday, April 16, 2010

Already parted for you

Exams are over.
2nd year, bye2!
*hopefully xde yg fail lah kan. kire carry marks skrg, insyaAllah selamat* haha.

All exams were okay i guess. Well, not really okay as in I'll ace everything. I've read about them before. It's just a matter whether you remember it or not. Tapi time dalam exam lah ape yg belajar tu keluar cam dakwat pen nak abes kan. Hopefully it's not going to be so bad. Dapat semua a- pun bagus jugak *gelak sorg2*. Nahhhh, I've tried my very best this semester, all i can do now is tawakkal je.
I siap tido dekat library lg you know~

All the best to those who's still struggling with finals. :)

p/s: first sign of madness is when you talk the two-people talk alone.

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mR. fRaWeEs said...

WAHHH! ini x aci. aku ade satu lg. 2 LAGI. tt