Wednesday, September 23, 2009

so little time..

haven't updated my blog for a while.. Farah da tanye da arituh.. Well, you want me to write kn... Here goes all the whining and the complaints.. Bear with me coz that's all i'll be writing here.. :P

Well, for a start i have two labs report due every week. And that means every week there'll be 2 lab report writing for me.. Plus the pre-labs for the next lab.. Haihh.. I need to finish my biochem lab report, which is due on friday. Plus i must finish the pre-lab before coming to lab. Then, after friday i need to start working for the next lab report. And it goes on and on till the end of the semester. -.-'
I also need to finish my organic chem lab report. Ohh.. They add another work for the lab. Sometimes before the next lab, we need to go to the lab and record the infra red spectrum for the products collected after doing the lab. Eurghh.. Da la mende tu kene tunggu a couple of days after lab.. And must be done before the next lab.. Hurmmm..

As my dad said, i always exaggerating things.. Maybe i am.. But seriously there's a lot of workloads here.. Got it? A LOT! That didn't count physical chem assignments which due next tuesday and i have a mid term on the 6th of oct.. Organic chem that is.. Must study real hard sbb subjek susah.. Adoi laa.. Da la asek tetido dlm library je.. That shows how tired i am (not really la considering i always sleep in the library).. :P but seriously it's just like the 2nd week of class and already i'm praying the semester will be over soon..

All these don't even improve my not-so-happy mood recently.. Yela.. Asek penat je time balik rumah.. Pastu nk kene wat keje lagi.. Huaaaa.. Bloody moody on a rainy day.. Haha.. Duhh.. i need my sisters.. Boleh gosip2 lagi.. I need my mom.. bley g shopping.. I need my dad.. Bley borak2 psl "serious" stuff ngn die.. :P *had fun persuading my dad to buy macbook.. he looks interested* haha.. Ohhh.. i miss luqman!! Like, a lot!

I know i have works to do but rase nak tulis jugak! Nak jugak buang masa tulis blog even i know i'm in deep trouble now sbb spend all the time tulis blog and after that ended up going to bed without doing any work! Haha.. I hate you lah! Yes!!! YOU.. Plus, constantly pening2 lalat in class trying to understand the course.. Sampai i did think "betul ke i deserve study kt sini nih? Asal cm asek blur je"
Oh yeahh! Don't bother to see me ok.. :)

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