Tuesday, September 29, 2009

raya 09.. so it is..

everybody keeps writing about raya.. so, terase nak tulis jugak lah.. :P well, this is my 2nd raya in canada.. without family.. 8000 miles from my hometown.. it's not that bad laaa.. coz there's still my friends whose experiencing the same thing..

okay.. during raya eve, en harun invited us to his house for takbir raya.. So, we went there.. Everybody wears baju kurung and baju melayu except for the 6-skeena girls.. Well~ we just got back from downtown and there's not enough time for us to go home and change and come to en harun's house in time for takbir raya.. Time takbir tu mata da berkaca.. Tapi tahan lg.. Always think "last year x nanges.. this time pn jgn please.." tp time megat bace doa yg panjang tu pastu ternanges la time tu.. hurmmm.. xpe, da lepas..

Then, we went back home at about 11pm.. Everybody wants to call family because it's raya morning in Malaysia.. Didn't manage to call my dad, mom and sis! In the end, my auntie online and said dad's at nenek's house and he calls me.. Pastu time call i cried again! I'm a human waterpipe that night.. :( blerghh..

Sunday 20/9/09: It's eid.. Eid mubarak! :) i follow my friends for raya prayers (hoping to buy tudung lilit2 tp xjumpe).. Time ni rasa cam "Subhanallah.. Even i'm in Canada, ramai jugak muslim.." The city hall was crowded with people going for eid prayer. Sebak jugak.. Then, went to en harun's house again. We ate. took pics. usual stuffs. After that, off to pn. zalilah's house.. She cooked a lot of food! Sgt sedap semuanye.. The chicken curry, the rice, the rendang.. Yummy! By evening, raya mood evaporated as fast as it comes.. Well, i have a lab and needs to finish my other lab report.. So, that's why..

Saturday 26/9/09: There's m@c meeting in Carleton. This is not why i'm telling you this. We discuss about jamuan raya and who should cook this and that.. We have to make bread pudding instead.. Puding roti siti farah they call it.. Someone wants it eyh? :P and bubur jagung.. theeeenn.. we went to downtown (nk cerita psl ni sebenarnye) thinking of buying a sweater or a blouse but ended up buying a MAC foundation and a pink cardi. Hurmm.. Not bad la..

Sunday 27/9/09: Have jamuan at high comm. Jamuan ni la yg ade problem with the invitations. Whatever lah.. We went there by ourselves due to our 1-hour lateness.. Some things happened before.. Hihi.. The food was good and it was a lot! There's rendang, nasi lemak, lontong, mihun sup, roti canai and desserts.. Ahhh.. Sgt best! But we went back early.. Konon nk belajar, tp ended up stopping at downtown, went for bubbletea and caramel apple.. And.. and.. farah hilang! Can't reach her and everything.. Punye la tunggu last2 she calls and said she's home.. Battery hp kong.. *Jgn wat lg tau.. wat risau je* Haha..

Ok.. Da abes ngarut.. Stop! Adios! *Met my spanish prof at bus stop.. God... My spanish is rusty.. At least bley ckp cket2 la* Ok.. Necessito estudio quimica porque yo tengo el examen en el martes.. Ciaooo..

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