Sunday, June 5, 2011

Things change. Either for the better or worse.

Tak semua rezeki datang bergolek.
Tak semua org berjaya sekali try je.

The two things I noticed after surrounded by the relatives and thinking back how life were back then. My mom and dad are not someone that can be considered coming from a successful family. I don't have a super rich uncle or an aunt who works in Petronas or a long haven't met uncle living overseas. No. Some don't even enroll in university and some work in a non-professional field pun. I am not downgrading them. What I want to say is, despite all this, all of them are now successful in whatever field they're in.

They might have a bad start but they're now successful in whatever they're doing. Getting promotions and so on. And the live they led slowly change from what I saw like let's say 10 years ago.

One of them did not enroll in university but now is a head staff.
And a cousin of mine change his university programs three times before finding what suits for him. Siap dapat Dean's list lagi.

And one more thing. Not everybody find true happiness at the early age. Sometimes you have to endure some hardship to get a sweet end. Sometimes when you're in your thirties.

Same goes with my newlywed cousin. Dulu banyak je masalah yg kalau budak2 baik fikir as their worst action, my cousin ni pernah je did actions yg diorg fikir worst sgt tu and etc, but now nampak he's happy with the girl he just married and nasib baik nampak lebih responsible dari dulu. Hehh.

What I want to say is. Tak semua usaha nampak results die directly. Certain result tak nampak pun tapi it's there. Apa yg penting? Kerjasama. Eh. no. Usaha. (Kerjasama pn penting gk)

So instead of thinking "ku sangka panas sampai ke petang rupanya hujan di tengahari" why don't think it as "after the rain, there always be the sun" kalau nak lame lagi, "after a long dark winter will always come the spring" :D

p/s: rezeki & ajal. 2 benda yg dah ditetapkan tapi ni jugak la 2 benda yg manusia paling risau - bro Amir
pp/s: Take not the one you care for granted - feh


farra said...

goshhh! I am loving this one :) superly nicely written Sarah =D Thank you :)

sarah.azman said...

heheh.. kte rase cm serabut je.. anyhow, you're welcome.. :)