Thursday, June 24, 2010


23 June 2010, 13:40

5.5 Richter scale earthquake happened here in Ottawa
They say it was a mild earthquake
I say it was one of the longest and scariest 30 secs of my life

Alhamdulillah nothing bad happened to us.
Panic was an understatement.

situaciĆ³n numero uno:

"ida sental dapur kuat sgt ke sampai bergegar rumah?" mind you, they've been cleaning the kitchen rigorously before the earthquake happened. And seeing our squeaky woody house, ida sental dapur agak kuat n possible je kut rumah tu bergegar
"dah la xsolat zuhur lagi time ni" another thought occured
"sarah, pegi amik tudung cepat" and I even needed to be reminded to wear the tudung before going out of the house
Imagine how panicked we are at that time

situaciĆ³n numero dos:

And there's a friend of mine, when the earthquake happened, shahadah came out of her mouth first
MashaAllah. Sayangnya Allah dekat dia
Why I didn't even thought of reciting the shahadah?

Alhamdulillah, there's no recurrence of the earthquake
Conclusion: Banyak lagi yg kene repair.

p/s: a post by zaharina mohd khalid yg sgt best juga.


Amanina said...

i read in the newspaper about this. wow sure scary kan :O

Nanue said...

eh. honoured gila. true that. byk yg kena repair :(

Ani Norfarah said...

Stalker from nottingham is back! *although she's not in notts anymore* =P

Glad u're safe sarah. Tak semua orang dipilih utk dberi "peringatan", so u're one of the lucky ones i guess =)

sarah.azman said...

nina: tula.. nasib baik xde pape..
nanue: eheh.. bes lah kamu punye blog.. :)
farah: from nottingham indeed. :P itulah.. bersyukur gk.. alhamdulillah.. :)