Thursday, April 1, 2010

Und wenn ich nichtmehr kann denke ich daran.. pffttt

Finals are juuuuustttt around the corner.
But the workloads are still as much as during the middle of the semester.

March 29th: Submit lab book organic and a formal lab
April 1st: Lab exam for organic, Quiz for microbe (9/10.. Pleaseeeeeee) and we don't have final for this, and a genetics lab report..
April 5th: Submit lab book analytical and a formal lab.

*Am not complaining. Just listing it off* :P

there comes the final:

April 9th: Analytical Chemistry (yg dgn prof ex-3 days grace tu.. and so he said)
April 12th: Introduction to Genetics (xserupa intro pn)
April 13th: Organic Chemistry II
April 16th: Animals - Forms and Functions

Semoga berjaya kawan2. We all can make it. and WILL make it. InsyaAllah.
Here's a little something for you. Click2

Kalau it's broken, boleh mintak tolong fix kan x?
Kalau dah rase xboleh buat, boleh bagi second chance x?
Kalau still xhilang, boleh mintak untuk tinggal x?
Kalau takde ape2, xboleh nak mintak dah la kan?

~Just a random afterthought

Ohhh.. Which reminds me.. Happy Birthday Siti Nabilah Azman!


aLam maya said...

gudluck weh! ;)

sarah.azman said...

thanks! :) gud luck kt ko gk.. straight a's eyh?

Farhanah said...

Sarah! Jumpa juga blog kau! :D
weh babe cam busy gila je kau next2 weeks ni.. all the best okay :) Nanti kita de-stress kat Halifax :D

sarah.azman said...

haha.. finally! :P agak busy lah.. huhu.. all the best to u too.. *for sure la u can make it.. ace as usual.. insyaAllah* can't wait to de-stress kt halifax ngn korg~~ :D