Friday, February 5, 2010

cloudy days.

Finally, boleh tulis blog dgn tenangnye.. :D

I did realize some of my previous posts are more on cloudy days than the usual all bright and shiny part of mine. But hey, it's my blog. If you don't like it, don't read it. Don’t say bad things on what others *ie: me* write no matter how annoying you might think it is. No one force you into that. The ‘X’ sign at the top right of your screen has its purpose you know. According to Cambridge Advance Learner's Dictionary, blog is:

"A diary (= regular record of your thoughts, opinions and experiences) that you put on the Internet for other people to read"

By all means I can write whatever I want no matter how gloomy and dejected I might sound. Being me isn’t easy though.. :P whatever. Blame 4 midterms in a row AND the full moon instead. Tapi~~~~ thanks to those who manage to keep up with my downhill-side during this couple of days.. or weeks even.. I know I'm a pain in the a** sometimes. But my life ain’t a fairytale tho. Singing in the forest and getting swept off by a very handsome prince. Hmmphh.. More like working my brain off and getting swept off by low marks when I did try so hard.

Whatever lah. I’m glad the midterms are over. Genetic was hard. Animal was okay kut. Basically everything comes from the lecture slides. It’s just a matter of whether you remember or not. Analytical chemistry might not be that good. Well, it was because during the exam I eat gula2 getah to not make me sleep during the exam *seeing how little sleep I get for the past couple of days*. Bad idea to eat chewing gum when you have an empty stomach. My stomach rumbled quite soundly during the exam. Kalau sekejap2 tu xpelah jugak. There are times when it won’t seem to stop rumbling. So, for the last 3 or 4 questions, I did do the “inny-minny-miny-mo” just to get it over with. Microbiology pulak was less than what I expected. Tapi won’t say anything more sbb grade xkeluar lg. Sekali dapat rendah pulak. Haiyyyaaa.

Well, I think this might just be it. I’m going swimming on Sunday again. Yeay! Something to look forward to despite my heavy workload *again*. This is my new resolution to keep up with the healthy lifestyle *ceyh*. Seeing that I can’t jog and my two most favorite people to play basketball with aren’t here, swimming will do. Rasa best when you only have to focus on your breathing and not on something else.

Jom2! Jadikan pool Carleton tu milik student Malaysia. :P

p/s: nak mencapub jap. shida~ nape xley komen kt blog ko? marah kt kte eyh? heheh.. nak gak komen ckp kte pegang gak ular ngn madagascar cockroach tu~ huhu..


.Nabilah. said...

Seeing that I can’t jog and my two most favorite people to play basketball with aren’t here,


maiGeta said...

klu setakat pegang ular tuh xyh la nk comment2 sarah uihhh,
ni ha,purmeow kt umh ak ni ada berani ka kalu dy 'pegang' ko??

sarah.azman said...

kakngah: tula pasaaal~ :P
megat: bak sini purmeow tu.. senang je tuh.. tp bulu die asek gugur lah.. ko la ni xreti jage die

ishida said...

megat jeles tuh sarahh.
ikut aku pi tgok ulaq nanti ade berann megat??
bukan takat tgok,hang kne pegang dia skali!
sarah,jom buli die!hehe

sarah.azman said...

die xtgk ular tu dpan die lg, berani la.. haha.. tula.. ade berann megat? :P