Wednesday, January 13, 2010

jars of nematods.

i don't think i'll be able to eat a lot tonight.

Jars and jars of big fat leeches.

A bottle full of earthworms. Pjg giler plak tuh.

Flatworms. Tapeworms. And any other worms you can think of.

Dead frogs. Snake in a jar. Jellyfish. Spiders. Scorpions. Barnacle.

And you have to scrutinize every specimens left there.

But the lab is interesting though. The lab coordinator is bringing live snake to lab next time. :D

But then, when you look at the diversity of animals there, you'll tend to realize how powerful Allah is. There's sponges (phylum: porifera) which doesn't have a true cell.

Segmented worms (phylum: Annelida) who has a round cross-section compared to flatworms (phylum: Platyhelminthes) that looks utterly different than the mammals.

Jellyfish (phylum: Cnidaria) which is different than the Arthropods.

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