Saturday, October 31, 2009

Random #1

welcome to random #1.. stuffs in here are going to be a jumble of nonsensical stuffs that I feel like writing.. well, this is what happens when I need a boost before studying and facebook proves to be useless *percaya x mende nih? haha* nak tulis, tp xnak tulis one whole entry about some things sbb I'm too lazy for that now.. hehh..

1. my biochem result is hampeh giler.. hurmm.. xpela.. da lepas.. strive for finals pulak k.. :D

2. this week I had excessive amount of caffeine in my system.. coz in need to stay up for biochem midterm. that midterm finished at 7, need to do assignment for physical chem to be handed in at 8.30 next morning. haven't even started doing any of it. and turns out it finished at 4 and i'm doing such a sloppy job on that assignment.. xlarat dah time tuh.. and, and.... the next day, I need to study for statistics midterm. study la kt library until 10. balik umah ingat nak study la.. wellllll, hopeless as I am, I fall asleep from 12 till 6am without studying.. dah la hari jumaat busy.. labs and stuffs yg xboleh nak skip..

3. dryer kat rumah ktorang rosak. "greaaat!". as if we need more trouble after the heater thingy plus their unhelpful-landlord-act that means we'll probably stuck with that stupid dryer until God knows when.. haihhh.. *husnuzon sarah... ok2.. try2*

4. ade usrah on translation of al-fatihah. it was veeeery good. *trust me la.. it must be good since it's coming from someone yg boleh kata jarang la g usrah kn* heheh.

5. and.. and.. I'm happy! :D happy, happy, happy.. I know I'm being over dramatic with this.. tau la org laen pn happy gak. it's just that I feel like saying it again and again or my heart will burst from bottling all the happiness inside me.. whatever it is, I'm happy!!! :D xnak btau sbb ape.. but lets just say, this makes me love Allah more sbb He knows.. He hears.. He helps.. Once again, Allah itu sweet..

6. I just notice yg I have an obsessive compulsive disorder kut.. *random giler.. haha* well, rather than I sweep the floor sbb nk bersihkan rambut2 yg keeps falling sampai rase cm nak botak nih *tipu je*, I pick each and every single strand with hand and buang dlm tong sampah.. I know.. I know.. waste of time.. sengal giler.. patut sapu je.. but there it is.. my OCD.. but hold on.. dilaaaa.. tu bley dikire as OCD ke? buat malu je skali tgk2 nye x.. just me being silly.. haha

7. oh.. ohh.. my prof got his 4th grandchildren on thursday~~ the best-est prof this sem.. :D

which reminds me.. I need to study for organic chem.. Ya Allah, help me for the midterm.. Aminnn.. :)

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Amanina :D said...

OCD? hahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahh